Force iTunes to Check for iOS Updates

Apple’s iOS 4 upgrade for the iPhone and iPod touch will be available on June 21, but it won’t necessarily download and install automatically. iTunes manages iPhone and iPod touch software updates and may wait several days before checking to see if there’s something new available, but you can force iTunes to check early.

To force iTunes to check for new iOS software updates, such as the new iOS 4 upgrade, do this:

  • Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC.
  • Connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your computer.
  • Select your iPhone or iPod touch in the Library list on the left side of the iTunes window.
  • Click the Summary tab.
  • Click Check for Update.
  • If a system software update is available, you’ll see a dialog that lets you download and install the update.

iTunes can check for iOS updates with a button click.

Upgrading your iPhone’s OS requires a reactivation process, which should be handled automatically by iTunes. Just be sure to leave your iPhone or iPod touch connected to your computer until iTunes completely finishes the upgrade process.

If you want to learn more about preparing for major iOS upgrades, check out TMO’s iOS 4 Upgrade Guide.