Foxconn Staff: New iPhones Coming in October

Following a report from a Foxconn worker that Apple will be releasing the next generation iPhone in June, the company’s Human Resources department is saying that the new model will actually ship in October. Foxconn is the company Apple contracts to build some of its products including the iPhone.

New rumor says next iPhone hits in OctoberApparently Foxconn’s head of Human Resources said, “We just got the order. It [the release] will be around October,” according to Kotaku. They added that the company is hiring “large numbers of workers” to build the new iPhone model.

An October iPhone refresh seems more reasonable than a June launch since it seems unlikely that Apple would leave the iPhone 4S on the market for less than a year before replacing it. That doesn’t, however, mean that the Foxconn employee quoted has any verifiable insider information about Apple’s product release plans.

Since it doesn’t seem likely Apple would share its product launch road map with rank-and-file employees at Foxconn, for now  news of an October iPhone refresh is nothing more than an unsubstantiated rumor.