Fujitsu Sells iPad Trademark to Apple

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Apple’s fight with Fujitsu over the iPad trademark came to an end thanks to a deal between the two companies. Fujitsu sold its iPad trademark to Apple and filed papers confirming the reassignment in March, according to

Fujitsu filed its own trademark claim on the iPad name in 2003, and after Apple introduced its own iPad product in January, expressed interest in keeping the name for itself. “It’s our understanding that the name is ours,” commented Masahiro Yamane, Fujitsu’s director of public relations.

The company, however, let the trademark filing expire, but reactivated its filing application in June 2009. Apple filed its own claim on the iPad name in July 2009, and later filed opposition requests on Fujitsu’s application.

The two companies seem to have worked out their differences and reached an amicable agreement on who should own the iPad trademark — presumably involving Apple paying an undisclosed sum of money to Fujitsu in exchange for the company’s trademark.

Apple’s iPad is set to ship hit store shelves on April 3. It is a tablet device that offers movie and music playback, an ebook reader, runs iPhone OS and most iPhone apps, sports a 9.7-inch multitouch display, offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

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I do not understand how a company can sell a trademark that is not registered with the USPTO. Jujitisu Tranaction Solutions Inc. filed back in 03/07/2003, 76497338 it was Published for Opposition 06/01/2009 First used 01/08/2002 and first used in commerce 01/13’2002. The application is listed as being “live” as of this evening. I guess that they are selling the application, or transferring their application to Apple. There are three companies that have registered the name iPad. These are Siemans, Mag-Tek and Coconut Grove Pads. Coconut Grove makes padded clothing, such as bras.


Who knows the real motive behind Apple’s secret strategies?

The Fujitsu issue was not an issue in the USA, but it might be outside of the USA. Most likely Apple wanted to sell the iPads in Europe and Japan in the near future. Apple is now accumulating Billion of dollar is cash reserve from iPod, iPhone, iTunes, and now iPad.  What is a few Million for Apple to remove a minor legal issues in the near future.

Fujitsu gets their hush money and Apple can freely sell the iPad all over the world without any legal barriers. Apple can most likely recoup the cash in less than a day of sell the iPad.

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