Gartner: Apple Turns its Complete Inventory Every 5 Days

Apple manages to turn over its product inventory every five days, according to Gartner Research, ranking the Mac and iPhone maker only behind McDonald’s for the fastest inventory turn around time.

Apple's inventory doesn't sit on shelves for longApple’s inventory doesn’t sit on shelves for long

Gartner looks product supply chains and buying patterns to estimate how quickly companies burn through their available inventory. In Apple’s case, that works out to once every five days.

The research firm said,

Maintaining its record in the Number one slot was Apple, delivering total solutions to its customers through tightly integrated design of hardware components, firmware, a proprietary operating system and an ecosystem of applications that run on top of that platform. Stellar financials, which further improved this year, supported by the highest voting scores point to its combination of operational and innovation excellence, a zealous focus on starting with the consumer experience and working back through the design of its supply network, and mastery in orchestrating its end-to-end value network.

Gartner assigns a number to each company it follows for the study, and this year Apple earned a 74. By dividing that number into 365, the firm determines how many days worth of inventory each company maintains.

Other tech companies didn’t fare as well with Dell earning a 36, and Samsung a 17. That means Dell it takes ten days for Dell to turn over its inventory, and 21 days for Samsung — and McDonald’s burns through its full inventory every 2.5 days.