Google Chrome OS Tablet May Launch on Black Friday

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Google is apparently planning on launching its own tablet device, but instead of relying on its already popular Andriod OS, this tablet will run Chrome OS. The rumor mill pegs Google’s tablet launch date as November 26, which also happens to be “Black Friday,” the busiest shopping day in the U.S.

The Chome OS is a Google’s own Web browser, but it’s also the foundation for the company’s browser-based operating system that’s being developed outside of its Android OS project.

According to Download Squad’s unnamed sources, HTC will be building the table for Google, and it will be offered exclusively through Verizon. Assuming the sources are right, Google’s Chrome tablet will sold at a heavily subsidized price with a Verizon contract and could potentially be free with a contract, too.

Launching an inexpensive tablet device the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. could be a big win for Google and Verizon if Apple is still having issues keeping enough iPad inventory in stock since shoppers will be looking for some instant gratification. Assuming Apple can keep iPads in stock, however, Google could have trouble wooing customers away from Apple on price alone.

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So the creator and provider of Android doesn’t think it’ll work on a tablet, but “watch out iPad, those coming-anyday-now Android tablets will own you!”? Huh?
Do Chrome and Android have a common base?
Do you HAVE to have a Verizon contract to own one? That would be stupid.

Lee Dronick

It will be DOA because Apple will introduce the 7” iPad on Black Friday and the chattering class will only talk about that. smile

John Martellaro

The Chrome OS tablet sounds like it’ll have the same success as Google Wave.


Here comes the IPAD KILLA!!

Josh from NY

“Bad as the Wave”, “DOA”?

LOL, bet you all said the same thing about the Droid.

I’d say some folks have been waaaay too overconfident and the I-Phones market share has been dropping like a rock as a result.


lol yeah right, the ipad will be devoured in a sea of destruction, chrome os is beautiful, and allows you to actually INSTALL PROGRAMS, what a novel concept. instead of apps, like a giant fucking ipod, its an actually computer, which is what your paying for, not a giant piece of 500$ crap.


I love my iPad, but assuming the Chrome tablet will be able to do Flash, that will give it an advantage.


@FlipFriddle - Having used both Android & Chromium OS they are two different beasts. Google has never said anything about Android not being usable on on tablets. If I am wrong here I ask you provide the source of your information. Link to the article or quote.

Chromium is mean to be an OS alternative. I quote ” Chromium OS is an open-source project that aims to build an operating system that provides a fast, simple, and more secure computing experience for people who spend most of their time on the web. ” with my source - .

From my experience Chromium loads faster than my current Android Phone or my previous iPhone. It loads way faster than either of my PC’s on any of their operating systems including my Macbook PRO.

~ My Two Coppers

other side

Black Friday is the worst possible day of the year to launch any product.

Not to mention the holiday shopping season is half over by then anyway.

I call bogus on this one.


Black Friday a bad launch day?  This is retarded.


Black Friday is the worst possible day of the year to launch any product.

Not to mention the holiday shopping season is half over by then anyway.

I would agree since this would effectively be a new product, even though Chrome has been around for awhile. Black Friday seems a bit late in the holiday shopping decision making. If it was an upgraded version of a device that already had a solid reputation in the marketplace, then that might be a different story.

Lee Dronick

I am usually finished with my Christmas shopping well before Black Friday, but many people don’t even start until then if not later. There is a difference between a shopping season and at what point in that season most shoppers have completed their purchases.

Last year was sort of an exception, I took advantage of the 10% sale on certain products at the Apple Store. These were items I bought for myself.


Maybe, Google wants Apple to worry about having a bad black Friday. Maybe the Chromium guys really want a good deal on a MacBook Pro and they think that if they SAY they’re going to have this great mythical product, and by just saying that, they get all the black friday buzz and mind-share, then Apple will lower their prices even MORE on black Friday to combat that buzz and the Google Chromium guys could get a great deal on a Macbook Pro!

I hope so, so I too can get a good deal!:)

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