Google Set to Launch Online Music Storage Service

Google getting into the music gameGoogle is apparently ready to follow in Amazon’s footsteps and launch its own online music storage and playback service as early as Tuesday. The service is said to be called “Music Beta by Google,” and will let users upload their own music to Google’s servers, according to the New York Times.

Insider reports claim Google didn’t land licensing deals from the record labels and chose to go ahead and launch its music storage service without their blessing.

“A couple of major labels were not as collaborative and frankly were demanding a set of business terms that were unreasonable and did not allow us to build a product or a business on a sustainable business,” commented Android’s director of digital content, Jamie Rosenberg. “So we’re not necessarily relying on the partnerships that have proven difficult.”

Google will include tight integration with its Android OS smartphone ant tablet platform, and users can also access their music from desktop and laptop computers. There isn’t any word yet on whether or not Google plans to offer native iPhone and iPad app support.

Amazon unveiled its own online music storage service at the end of March. The service, called Cloud Drive, includes data storage space along with the ability to play back MP3 files through Web browsers and and Android-based app. Like Google, Amazon launched its service without any deals with record labels.

Google is expected to unveil Music Beta by Google during its Google I/O conference scheduled to start today.