Griffin BreakSafe Brings MagSafe-Like Protection to the Retina MacBook's USB Type-C Port

Apple's MagSafe connector is brilliant -- both in hindsight and upon its original release -- in that it can save a $2,000 MacBook from catastrophe by simply allowing the magnetic power cord to detach when the power cable is pulled or accidentally tripped over. While MagSafe technology, now in its second generation, is still available on most MacBook models, the new 12-inch Retina MacBook eschews all other ports for a single USB Type-C connector that can provide both data and power to the device. This can be problematic because this Type-C port is a traditional non-magnetic connection, and the lightweight MacBook is prone to fly off your desk if the connected cable is yanked. Thankfully, the folks over at Griffin Technology have a nifty solution.

The just-announced Griffin BreakSafe is a six-foot USB Type-C to Type-C cable that features a unique magnetic connection on one end. Users just need to plug the magnetic side of the cable into their MacBook; the 12.8mm-long Type-C plug will insert firmly into MacBook's port while the rest of the cable will magentically attach to the other end. If the cable gets tugged or tripped over, the magnetic connection will break, just like a MagSafe connector, leaving your MacBook resting peacefully on the table.

griffin breaksafe usb type c

Griffin explains that the plug is small enough to remain in your MacBook all the time (this definitely increases the appeal of the product and more closely emulates true MagSafe functionality), but this means that your MacBook's sole USB Type-C port will be unavailable for other connections such as USB flash drives, docks, or external displays. Still, if Retina MacBook owners find themselves pining for the good ol' MagSafe days, Griffin's BreakSafe is the best option thus far.

The Griffin BreakSafe will ship in April for $39.99. It includes only the cable and its magnetic connector, so you'll need your MacBook's USB Type-C power adapter, or another compatible USB Type-C charging adapter, to plug it in.