Here's Where to Buy an Apple TV Today

Apple TV pre-orders start arriving today—at least for some people—and for everyone else who wants to get their hands on one right away you can make a trip to the local Apple Store. Other retailers are carrying them, too, although inventory may be limited.

You can buy the new Apple TV in stores todayYou can buy the new Apple TV in stores today

Apple Store Your local Apple Store will most likely have the biggest inventory of fourth generation Apple TVs. That's the best place to start your shopping.

Target Big name retailer Target sells iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Their stores will have some new models in stock for launch day, and Target has more locations than Apple.

Best Buy Big box retailer Best Buy sells a nice selection of Apple gear ranging from Macs to Apple Watch, and they'll have the new Apple TV in stock today, too. Like Target, Best Buy is in a lot of cities, so there's a good chance you can find one nearby even when there aren't any Apple Stores in your area.

MacMall MacMall has the new Apple TV in stock. They don't have retail locations any more, but they are top notch with online sales.

Where you can't buy Apple TV: Don't go looking on Amazon for the now Apple TV, or any Apple TV, for that matter. Amazon blocked sales of Apple's set top media player, along with Google's Chromecast because they don't support Amazon Prime.

The fourth generation Apple TV offers TV show and movie streaming, can play content from your iTunes library, supports Apple Music and third-party apps, and includes a new Siri voice control remote. The 32 GB model costs US$149, and the 64 GB model costs $199.