How Much RAM does the iPad Pro Have?

We know Apple's new iPad Pro will ship with 32 GB and 128 GB storage options, but what we weren't told was how much RAM the 12.9-inch tablet will have. Thanks to Adobe, we know—or at least kind of know—what its memory specs will be when it ships this November.

iPad Pro may have 4 GB RAMiPad Pro may have 4 GB RAM

Adobe detailed its iPad Pro support for Creative Cloud apps in a blog post Wednesday and called out some of the tablet's specs. Along with the 12.9-inch screen size, Adobe's post mentioned the A9X processor, 2732 x 2048 screen dimensions, and that it includes only 2 GB RAM.

That seemed low considering everything Apple claims the new workhorse iPad Pro can handle. Accordingly, Adobe updated the post to say the iPad Pro ships with 4 GB RAM. Later, the post was changed again to remove any references to RAM.

Based on that, it seems likely the iPad Pro includes a more reasonable 4 GB RAM, but Apple doesn't want anyone calling that out. What that tells us is that the iPad Pro might ship with only 2 GB RAM, most likely ships with 4 GB, but we won't know for sure until November when iFixit rips one apart.