How to Check the Battery Charge on a 4G Apple TV Siri Remote

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The Siri remote on the Apple TV doesn't have any LEDs that might give a hint as to the battery charge remaining. Instead, you'll have to use it to go to the Apple TV Settings app to see the level. Unless, of course, the battery is dead...

If your Siri remote has enough charge left to operate, you can check the battery level by going to the Apple TV Settings app and selecting "Remotes and Devices" > Remote. Here's the visual sequence...

Leads to...

Leads to...

I think it would have been a nice touch if Apple had included a few color-keyed LEDs on the device to indicate when the battery is low. That's because it's all too easy to be left wondering why it has stopped working, out of the blue, after a few months. If one does properly conclude the battery is dead, it's not easy to recall how many hours it takes to charge. (A full charge takes 2.5 hours.)

For reference, see: "Charge your Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote."

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Eric Prentice

It is really difficult to see the possibility that the remote would just stop working “out of the blue”. When I got my Apple TV I purposely didn’t charge the remote to see how long it would take for the remote to go dead.
It died after 4 months but only after many many progressive warnings starting at 20% letting me know the battery was getting low. Apple times the warnings for when you are using the remote. The only way it could be “all too easy to be left wondering why it has stopped working” is if you go weeks with using the remote while not looking at the TV. I can’t imagine how that could happen as I’m nearly always watching the screen when I use the remote.
When my remote did finally die, I plugged it into charge and it was usable just a few seconds later.
I can understand some people might like the idea of being able to tell how much battery is left in the remote but we’re talking about a device that needs to be charged only a handful of times a year.
This is a useful tip for those who might be curious but the situation you describe isn’t really reality.

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