How to Check Your iPhone Upgrade Eligibility (AT&T)

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With Apple's formally announced media event on September 10, the expectation is that Apple will be announcing one or more new iPhones. Here's a handy guide to help you determine if your current iPhone is eligible for an upgrade with AT&T.


Method #1. Perhaps the easiest way to check is to call the number *639# (*NEW#) directly from your iPhone. Shortly, you'll receive a text message from AT&T. Here's how it looked on our iPhone 4S.

Dial *639# from your phone.

Method #2. Another way to check is to use Apple's Apple Store app. On the home (Featured) page is an entry called "Upgrade your iPhone." That takes you to a page where you can also check your eligibility for a new phone. One wrinkle is that, for security, you'll be asked for the last four digits of your SSN. If you'd rather not provide that in an app, Methods #1 and #3 don't require it.


Use Apple's Apple Store app.

Method #3. From your Mac, PC or tablet, you can logon to your AT&T wireless account via a browser. Recall that your User ID is your mobile number.

Logon to your AT&T account.

After you're logged in, from the Overview page (tabs at top), in the drop down list labelled "I want to... 

Select from the drop down menu in red

... select "Manage my plan & services." Then click "Check upgrade eligibility" for the desired number. You'll see the verdict like this: 

Result is in blue box.

Note that if your iPhone is eligible for an AT&T upgrade, you have two choices now. The first is the traditional two-year contract extension. The other is AT&Ts new "Next" plan that allows you to get a new iPhone/smartphone every 12 months by paying an additional fee.

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Mike Weasner

Method #4: use the iOS app myAT&T. Buried on one of the screens is upgrade eligibility.


John: I got the same message on my iPhone 5 as you got on your iPhone 4S. What’re NEXT and standard upgrades?

John Martellaro

barryotoole: I described that at the very end of the article with a link to AT&T’s “Next” service.  If you pay an additional fee over and above your monthly bill, you can upgrade more often than every 2 years.  There’s an FAQ on that page.

Or you can pay the normal $199 down, $36 upgrade fee and commit to a 2 year contract.  That’s the Standard upgrade.

Some writers have noted that the Next plan isn’t such a good deal because your basic monthly bill already has a subsidy fee built in, and it doesn’t go away. But if you have the money to, gosh darn it, get what you want, that works too.

Let's Unlock iPhone

Actually ther is another way to check contract status for free. Use this public tool it support every iOS version and iPhone model. Device should be locked to AT&T network to track the results

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