How to Create Signatures in in iOS and OS X

This is a simple tip for adding signatures to your emails on either your Mac or your iOS device using Apple's  It’s not only fun to do, it is also a good method to use to promote a cause or a product. It involves adding a specific message along with your signature on your emails.  Create it once, and use it over and over.

Note: On your Mac you can create as many signatures as you wish and choose which one(s) go with each email address.

Note: You can only have one signature on your iOS device. Be sure you are running the latest version of the iOS, and it works on all recent versions of OS X.

On your Mac

  • Open the Mail app.
  • From the Mail tab choose Preferences.
  • From the Preferences choose Signatures. Signatures ScreenshotSample signature for an email

In the left column you will see all of your email accounts. In the middle column you name your signature for easy reference. In the right column, you create your signature.

  • Click to select the account you want to assign to a specific signature.
  • Click the +button beneath the middle column.
  • When a new field opens, name your new signature.
  • Now you just create your text—or text and image—in the far right column. If you want a specific font, select the Format tab from the main menu and choose Show Fonts. Highlight your words and select a specific font and size. You can use more than one font and/or size in a signature. Signatures ScreenshotChoose the fonts and font sizes that you want to include in your signature

  • To add an image, just drag and drop. Adjust the size before adding to signature box.

Image of a cat for use in a signature.Choose an image and size it before including

  • To assign a specific message to a specific email account grab the name of the signature from the middle column and drag it over the email account name.
  • To add a Web address, enter the URL like any other text. It will appear as a link when people receive your email.
  • When you are ready to send your message and want to add a specific signature, select Signature from the From field.

Bonus Tip: If you want several versions of a signature, say different ways of promoting your cause, create them all, give them the same name, and then look at the options at the bottom of the window – Choose Signature. You will have the option of having the signatures appear in random or sequential order.

On Your iPhone or iPad

You can only have one signature option on iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and it will automatically be added to all of your email messages.

  • Choose Settings
  • Choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Choose Signature.
  • Create your Signature

Another Bonus Tip: You can take a signature, complete with image, that you have created on your Mac and use it on your iOS device as well. Do the following:

  • Send yourself an email that contains the signature you want to use.
  • Click on the signature, Select all, and Copy. Signatures Screenshot in iOSCopy your signature from an email from your Mac and use it on your iOS device

  • Select Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Signature
  • If you already have a signature saved, delete it.
  • Then double tap to get the save options and select paste. It will remain in place until you decide to change it.

I like using signatures. It tells the recipient that I took the time to create a signature that I thought they might appreciate.