How to Do Ad Hoc Backups of Your Calendar, Reminders and Contacts Data on Your Mac

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I am not here to preach to you yet again about the importance of backups; by now, I think you’ll agree that if you work with important data and you don’t have a backup strategy in place, well…you deserve the pain of data loss! I know that sounds harsh and uncaring—and that it is, in fact, preaching—but it’s true.

I could go on and on about all this, but my face is already blue, so I won’t. There are tons of articles and tutorials—many right here on TMO—that cover this important matter quite adequately.

A good number of my clients and students are certainly aware of the importance of data backups as well as the risks they’re taking on when not doing them. Still, most don't have a complete, consistent and automated backup plan in place. However, on occasion, they will perform ad hoc backups of important files—assuming they know how to get to them (that’s another story). Alas, while their intentions are good, their actions are inadequate. The problem is that some data is rather elusive—hard to locate—and so never gets backed up.

By way of example, let’s look at the data that makes up the Calendar, Reminders and Contacts apps included with every Mac. Most users rely heavily on them to manage many aspect of their daily lives.

Three icons representing three archive files

Each of the apps discussed can create their own archive files

Being able to locate the actual data files that these apps feed off of is difficult to find for the typical Mac user. But never fear… it turns out that these apps do provide quick and easy ways to archive calendar events, reminders and contacts to discrete files that can be saved to any media you want.

Even if you do use Time Machine, iCloud syncing or other form of data backup or synchronization, you may want to periodically perform a one-off or emergency backup of this data. Let me show you how.

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