How to Launch Apps in OS X Using Spotlight

Today's tip comes from Michael Lynn, a system administrator for Washington state, generally working with Active Directory and deploying software and hardware. While we were chatting at MacTech, he shared a tip that is possibly a reminder for some people: Using Spotlight to search for things is handy, you can even search for apps! But did you know you can launch an app straight from the Spotlight window? Here's how:

First, launch Spotlight. For most people this is Command-Spacebar, but you may have set it to something else, I'm not the boss of you. In any case, when you get to Spotlight, start typing the name of the app you want to launch. If it appears at the top, like my example, just hit return and you're off to the races. Or, in this case, to Word:

Spotlight results in YosemiteSpotlight results in Yosemite.

You can also choose from the results using arrow keys or the mouse if you prefer. Here's where this tip pays off even further: If you do this often, then all you end up having to type is a single letter:

Launch apps by using a single letter. It's almost like having a psychic friend!

And this makes you even more efficient since your fingers don't have to leave the keyboard and you can already be typing away in the app you just launched. Thanks Michael!