How to Upgrade to a New iPhone 6s or 6s Plus on Verizon

If you are a Verizon customer, your iPhone upgrade options might be different compared to what they were two years ago. Here's how the choices break down.

Verizon iPhone Landing Page

Verizon iPhone Landing Page

Cash on the Barrel

First up, you can buy your new iPhone outright and be done with the whole thing. If you choose the iPhone 6s, this will set you back $649 (16GB), $749 (64GB), or $849 (128GB). Going the 6s Plus route will damage your credit card at $749 (16GB), $849 (64GB), or $949 (128GB). Provided your budget can take it, this is your best option since now you're finished paying for your phone, and all carriers are required to unlock a phone if it's paid for.

Finance Payment Plan

Next, you have the option of divvying up those payments over two years. You're still paying for the whole thing, it's just split up over time. An iPhone 6s on this plan is $27.08/mo (16GB) for a total of $649.92, $31.24/mo (64GB) for a total of $649.92, or $35.40/mo (128GB) for a total of $849.60. Picking up the 6s Plus is $31.24/mo (16GB) for a total of $749.76, $35.40/mo (64GB) for a total of $849.60, or $39.58/mo (128GB) for a total of $949.92.

Subsidzed Contract

There's always the plain old contract pricing, which is $199/$299/$399 (16/64/128GB) for the 6s, and $299/$399/$499 for the Plus. But if you can manage about $30/mo, you might take a closer look at the finance plan so your iPhone purchase has a more direct correlation to the amount of money you give Verizon. At least then if you do keep it for 24 months you start saving money in month 25.

This is where it gets a bit sticky: If you're on "The Verizon Plan" but didn't get there until June of this year, that plan won't offer you an upgrade any time soon. If you have the Edge plan, as long as you have been there at least 30 days and paid for at least 75% of the phone, you're eligible for whichever iPhone you want. Contract terms vary, so you'll have to verify with Verizon if you are eligible. You can do this on the web or by dialing #874 from your iPhone. You'll get a free text from Verizon shortly that tells you if you're eligible:

Verizon text message for eligibility check. If you text Verizon, hopefully your line is eligible for an upgrade too.

All of these options should be available whether you go to Verizon's site, Apple's site, or use the Apple Store App to place that preorder.