How to Permanently Restore the Visibility of Lion’s User Library Folder

In OS X Lion Apple continued its quest to simplify the user experience and minimize user access to non-essential areas of the OS. As discussed in Mac Geek Gab 343, one such example of this is the apparent disappearance of the user Library folder. It’s still there, but some inconvenient tricks must now be used to access it (i.e., holding down Option while clicking the Finder’s “Go” menu).

Hidden Library in OS X Lion
Before: The User Library folder is nowhere to be found inside the user’s home folder.

In Apple’s defense, it’s likely that 90%+ of Mac users will never have to go into their Library folder and, if they do, they may end up causing more harm than good. But for the remaining 10%, Mac Geek Gab listener Bruce offers a tip to bring the Library folder back for good.

Enter the terminal, type the following, and press Return: 

chflags nohidden /users/[username]/library 

Your user Library will immediately appear in the Finder and you can beginning trashing preference files and defying Cupertino to your heart’s content.

Lion Library Folder Restored
After: The User’s Library folder now visible and accessible in the Finder.

Of course, if you find that Apple was correct and you really don’t need to see your Library folder, simply enter the command below to restore default behavior.

chflags hidden /users/[username]/library 

Thanks, Bruce, for this great and useful tip!