HP Demonstrates World’s Fastest Desktop Printer

| Macworld/iWorld Expo

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- HP was demonstrating a soon to be released inkjet printer that rivals both other inkjet and color laser printers in terms of speed. We received a demo of the unit from Larry Tracy, Manager, Business InkJet, at the Macworld/iWorld Media Preview Reception.

HP Officejet Pro X551

One unique feature of the HP Officejet Pro X451/X551 is that it uses HP PageWide Technology, so rather than moving a printhead back and forth across the page, the printhead and ink cartridges are instead the width of an entire page, with a maximum print speed of 55 ppm for the X451, and 70 ppm for the X551. The ink also uses pigments, instead of dyes, the practical offshoot being if you get the page wet, the ink won't run. The ink cartridges are about US$100 each, with the black printing about 9600 pages, and each of the three color cartridges printing about 6000 pages. This comes out to a cost per page between US$0.067 and US$0.068.

The Officejet Pro X451/X551 will be priced between US$500 and US$800, depending on the model selected, and be released in Spring 2013.

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The other advantage of the PageWide printhead is all the extra ink it takes to keep all those ink jets filled. That’s money in the bank (but not yours! smile )


Hmmmm…. no mention of resolution on the link. Methinks this aint no photo printer. Wonder how it compares to laser/led?

John F. Braun

The data sheet reports black resolution up to 1200 x 1200, and color resolution up to 2400 x 1200.


Thanks John… I didn’t see that in the linked doc. That’s comparable to good quality laser. I usually need quality more than speed, though a printer with enough RAM to not have to spool a large document is helpful for multiple copies. My OKI C330DN takes a maddening amount of time to print large PDFs, seemingly re-processing the print job for every page.


They quote 9600 page mono and 6000 colour what they fail to mention is that @ 5% coverage


A video is useful on any article that promises “fast.”


Search for “officejet pro x” on youtube for video of printer printing.

Robert in SF

Whatever happened to the big Memjet printer technology that was announced and video demoed a long time ago? Is this the same basic approach?



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