HP CEO Steps Down Following Sexual Harassment Investigation

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HP announced Thursday that CEO and President Mark Hurd was stepping down from his position at the world’s largest computer maker. The surprise move comes amidst charges of sexual harassment from a former contractor. An investigation HP conducted with the assistance of outside legal counsel found that Mr. Hurd had not violated HP’s sexual harassment policy, but that he had violated the company’s Standards of Business Conduct.

Current CFO Cathie Lesjak will take over as interim CEO, but has ruled herself out as a permanent replacement for Mr. Hurd. Instead, the company has formed a Search Committee of board members who will be looking for a new head honcho for HP.

The company also stressed that it’s the personal scandal involved in Mr. Hurd’s conduct that have resulted in his resignation, and not the company’s financial results.

As part of the announcement, HP took the somewhat unusual move of releasing preliminary results for the July quarter, with revenue of US$30.7 billion, up 11% from the prior year. Earnings per share (EPS) are approximately $0.75 and non-GAAP diluted EPS were approximately $1.08.

Indeed, HP has done well under Mr. Hurd’s leadership, displacing Dell as the world’s largest PC maker — the company expects to do more than $125 billion in sales during fiscal 2010. HP will officially announce results for the July quarter on Thursday, August 19th.

Shares in HP closed lower during the regular trading session at $40.62, down 0.340 (-0.83%), on moderate volume of 949,000 shares trading hands, but then gained in after-hours trading to $41.00, up $0.380 (+0.94%).

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Well, I think we now know who’s going to replace Ballmer.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

There is a lesson in this for kids everywhere. Be stein and not Hurd. Rubinstein, that is.

Bryan Chaffin

There is a lesson in this for kids everywhere. Be stein and not Hurd. Rubinstein, that is.

Stein, not Hurd….That’s some funny stuff, Brad. smile

I think, however, that Mr. Rubinstein will be greatly penalized by the board for his lack of Enterprise experience. HP has done phenomenally well since ousting Fiorina without having a product guy at the helm.

It would be interesting, however.


HP has done phenomenally well since ousting Fiorina

Steve Forbes, Ross Perot I get. These are successful businessmen. But Fiorina? Demon sheep? I shudder at the thought of her in any political appointment.

Bryan Chaffin

Agreed, mate.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Dark horse candidate… Former Apple Hardware Exec (via IBM and a nasty lawsuit) Mark Papermaster. You “Hurd” it here first…


Jodie Fisher

Lee Dronick

Jodie Fisher

Yes the plot thickens. She says that she is “surprised and saddened” that he lost his job see this article

She was an actress in the past, see her entry at IMDB

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