iBlendIt asks "Will it Blend?" on the Mac Desktop

Everyone has seen the "Will it Blend?" demos of an iPhone in a real blender. For those who would like the catharsis of blending something without actually putting it a blender, fernLightening released iBlendIt version 2 on Monday. The new version includes includes a fluid simulation and standard window controls.

"Blend color and images dropped onto the blender. IBlendit is a creative interpretation of a combination of simulation and visualisation of color mixing, and may incidentally be a genuinely useful tool in the arsenal of the graphic design artist and a fulfilling source of amusement for all," according to the Website.


Any file can be dragged into the blender and the more, the merrier. Then hit the "Blend" button. The preference setting, off by default, allows the file to be trashed when the blending is done. Perfect for much needed stress relief when a project goes bad.

iBlendIt requires Mac OS X 10.5 and is donation ware. Gentlemen and gentlewomen, start your blenders.