iChatters.com Beta Site Up And Running

iChatters.com has announced the opening of a new Web site dedicated to iChat users. Currently in the beta phase, the Web site is designed as a resource for finding and connecting with other iChat users. According to iChatters.com:

Today iChatters.com opened up itis site for beta testing and for the press to take a peek at itis new free service thatis meant to connect up iChatAV users with each other.

Users register in the free service, then sign up for affinity rooms which theyid like to appear in. Once they are in iChatAV and looking for others to chat with, they can use the service to find like-minded users! "Rooms" range from "General Chat" to "Adult Chat".

Registered Users have access to their profile which they can use to describe what kind of chat they are seeking when they get online.

Soon users will be able to upload their photos into an extended profile, as well as create iChatters.com Buddy Lists for email notifications when their buddies come online to chat. Other future enhancements include automatic online/offline indicators.

You can find more information about the new Web site at the iChatters.com Web site. iChatters.com is available as a free service.