iDevGames Holds "21 Days Later" Mac Gaming Programming Contest

iDevGames announced Friday a new mini-developer contest called "21 Days Later." The contest challenges developers to make a game that places the player in the role of a predator, with prizes provided by Spymac.

From iDevGamesi description: "From aliens to cyborgs, predators, which are usually controlled by A.I., are to be avoided in game worlds. For the next 21 days, iDevGames invites Mac developers to pay homage to our OS of choice by creating a game which places the player at the top of the food chain. Be it teeth, claw, poison, horns, cunning, blade or ballistics, itis time to make them prey."

Developers literally have 21 days to develop their entry, with application into the contest due on June 16th, 2005.

iDevGames is a Web site dedicated to providing resources and information to Mac gaming developers, and the site hosts an annual developer contest that results in dozens of Mac games. "21 Days Later" is a smaller and more focused contest, and with such a tight deadline, iDevGames recommended to developers that they "choose a project that will lend itself to being created in 21 days."

You can find more information about the contest, the prizes (all provided by Spymac), and the rules at iDevGames.