iListen 1.8 Updated for Leopard

MacSpeech, Inc. announced on Friday the immediate availability of iListen 1.8, an update which is ow Leopard compatible. The update also includes new commands to support Leopardis TextEdit, Finder and Safari 3.

In addition, there are significant enhancements to the Voice Launcher, a few of which are Leopard-only, and to the Web Favorites command sets.

"iListen provides versatile and easy-to-use voice recognition for the Macintosh. With easy set-up, iListen requires minimal training to allow customers to speak in their normal, conversational voice for dictating, editing and formatting text. Beyond dictation, iListen lets people navigate their Mac and control it with their voice using familiar commands like print, cut, copy, paste, etc. Thousands of customers depend on iListen every day for everything from helping them control their Mac to writing emails, reports, and even novels," MacSpeech said.

The update from version 1.7 is free. iListen 1.8 comes in several different packages including those with headsets, USB microphones and wireless solutions.