iListen German Version 1.6.4 Released

MacSpeech, Inc. has released a German version of iListen 1.6.4. iListen is a verbal text utility designed to allow direct speech translation to text on Mac OS X. The German update features several enhancements including learning speed boosts and improved leagal and medical transcripting. According to MacSpeech:

Macintosh Speech Recognition authority MacSpeech announced the release of the German version of itis popular iListen speech recognition product.

The new German release is a major upgrade from the previous German version. Available for Mac OS X only, some of the new feature and upgrades are:

  • Learns new words faster
  • Has Improved Transcription abilities for Medical & Legal Professions
  • Special adaptation feature for poor pronunciation
  • New "Hands Free" Correction
  • Larger font size for easy viewing!
  • New voice commands for Mac OS X
  • Dictation and correction directly into virtually any application
  • Improved Recognition and Performance

You can find more information about the iListen German update at the MacSpeech, Inc. Web site. iListen 1.6.4 is free for 1.5 and higher users, while the full version is available for US$99.00.