iMac G5 Gone from Apple Store

Appleis online store no longer lists the 20-inch iMac G5, thinning out the available selection of PowerPC Macs a little more. Unless you find an extra iMac G5 at your local Apple store or other Apple reseller, your only iMac option is now the Dual Core Intel-chip model.

Apple originally said that it would start the transition from the G4 and G5 PowerPC chips it has been using to drive the Mac to Intel processors by mid 2006. Steve Jobs surprised everyone at Macworld Expo in January 2006 by announcing the Intel-based iMac and MacBook Pro - about six months ahead of schedule.

So far, the iMac and Mac mini have fully transitioned to Intel processors. The MacBook Pro is the Intel replacement for the PowerBook G4. Both laptop models are available, but the MacBook Pro only comes in a 15.4-inch model and shows a 7-10 business day ship time. The PowerBook G4 is still available in 12-inch and 17-inch sizes, and ships in 24 hours.

Apple has not yet introduced Intel-chip versions of the iBook, Power Mac, or Xserve.