iMac G5 Makes BusinessWeek's 'Best Products Of 2004' List

BusinessWeek has posted its list of what it considers the iBest Products of 2004i. Nestled in among Fordis new Hybrid Escape and Oral-Bis Brush-Ups Finger Toothbrush is Appleis own iMac G5.

BusinessWeek did not rank the items that appear on the list, but says that they all exhibit similar qualities.

About the iMac G5, BusinessWeek wrote that: "Apple Computeris streak of design hits continues with the newest iMac. [...] All the electronics, including the superfast IBM G5 processor, an 80 gigabyte or bigger hard drive, and a CD or DVD burner, are hidden behind the screen, which seems almost to float above your desk on its brushed aluminum foot."

Other items that made the list include the Livestrong Lance Armstrong bracelet, Oakleyis Thump Sunglasses, the Roku Soundbridge for iPod, and many more.

You can find the full list of products, which is presented in the form of a photo slide show, at BusinessWeek.