iMac Shortage - We Found Them In Japan! (With Pics)

With all the Stateside fuss over waiting lists for the new iMacs, and non-Apple stores being under-stocked and getting the inventory shaft, itis interesting to see that Japan--a country with no Apple owned Apple Stores--has so many iMacs, theyire using them as store partitions. Havenit gotten your iMac yet? Buy one of those cheap tickets to Japan and get yourself that iMac youive been waiting for.

Remember folks, Nagoya is just a two hour bullet train ride from Tokyo. You can catch the end of MACWORLD Tokyo, get your iMac, and learn about those extra keys on a Japanese keyboard, all in one trip.

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The new iMac:
A great computer, and it makes a great partition too!
A study in contrasts -
Brand new iMacs,
Old School Apple marketing display