iMacs Inventory High; Sales Low As Desktop Slump Hits Apple

Remember when you had to wait several weeks to get your mitts on a shiny new iMac? Apple couldnit make them fast enough. Like a good memory, those days seems to be gone, at least for now. is reporting that some distributors of Apple products to retail stores are carrying a far greater inventory than what either Apple or the distributors would like. The article titled "Bushels of new iMacs piling up" says:

Distribution giant Ingram Micro shows more than 2,600 of the machines in stock, according to sources close to the company. With last weekis orders from dealers amounting to less than 200 units, Ingram is sitting on more than 15 weeksi worth of inventory. That excess may be less severe at other stores and distributors, but itis clearly a troubling sign, analysts say.

"That level of inventory is definitely disconcerting," said ARS analyst Matt Sargent, who added that he had not personally seen the iMac inventory numbers.

Apple can take some consolation in the knowledge that it is not the only computer maker suffering from poor sales. From the article:

Other PC makers in the consumer market are facing difficult times as well. April was one of the worst months for PCs in recent years, with sales down 22.5 percent for U.S. retailers, leaving the largest retail PC seller, Hewlett-Packard, with 10 weeks of inventory for Compaq Computer PCs and seven weeks for HP PCs, according to NPD Techworld. Normally, three weeks are considered ideal.

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