iMate SDK For OS X Released

Griffin Technology, Inc. has released the iMate SDK for Mac users. The iMate SDK package features a pre-release of iMate 1.5 for OS X, and is designed for compatibility with ADB devices. The full public release of iMate 1.5 will follow in the next few weeks. According to Griffin Technology:

Just in time for Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference – WWDC 2002, Griffin Technology, Inc. has released the iMate SDK for OS X. The package includes a pre-release of the Griffin iMate driver 1.5, "Communicating with ADB Devices" White Paper and the ADB Parser OS X Application.

The iMate allows users to easily connect any ADB peripheral to their PowerMac, iMac, PowerBook or iBook. It allows you to continue to use your favorite mice, keyboard, trackball, trackpad, hardware dongle or any other ADB peripheral. The iMate supports multiple devices so you can connect your mouse, keyboard, and other devices with a single iMate

These tools will open up the door for aggressive development of drivers for many popular ADB devices and peripherals under OS X.

You can find more information about the iMate SDK for OS X release at the Griffin Technology, Inc. Web site. iMate v.2.6.1 for Classic and v.1.2 for OS X are available for US$39.00.