iNetCourier: File Receiving Software For Organizations

Digital Cohesion has announced iNetCourier, software designed to make it easy for organizations, companies, etc. to receive large files across the Internet. iNetCourier allows these groups to set up Web pages for clients or customers to send their files through a normal Web page.

Companies can custom design the interface for the end user, allowing corporate identity to be incorporated into the service.

The company notes that this solution is particularly aimed at "printers, service bureaus, ad agencies, and anyone else that regularly receives files too large for e-mail."

Pricing is as follows:

  • iNetCourier Lite - Allows up to 5 customizable transfer sites, $69
  • iNetCourier Standard - Allows up to 15 customizable transfer sites, $129
  • iNetCourier Enterprise - Allows unlimited customizable transfer sites, $249

iNetCourier runs on Mac OS X. You can find more information on the product at the iNetCourier Web site.