iPad Follow-Up: New Intel Processor Aims At PDA & Cell Phone Functionality

Following up last monthis article editorial regarding the iPod, it seems that Intel is introducing a new cell phone chip (see video). This single, low-power chip includes the functionality of a 300 MHz processor, 64 MB of RAM, and a digital signal processor. Such a chip would allow for the multitasking of general PDA functionality, cell phone operations, and digital audio/video recording and playback. At a time when the PDA market is poised for growth, there still are no PDAs that come with an integrated hard drive. (However, a few devices are adopting feature sets I suggested, and beyond.)

With Steve Jobsi curious endorsement and purchase of Intel based products for Pixar over Appleis own supposedly superior Xserve products, one wonders if such a chip might be used as a future foundation for an enhanced iPod or iPad type of product. If not by Apple, then certainly by others. One would hope that more would come out of Steve Jobs speaking at an Intel conference than announcing his company was spending money on non-Apple server products. One may also wonder at the sincerity of Steve Jobsi convictions in Apple products; if the CEO of Apple passes on Apple servers, then why shouldnit everyone else? Perhaps, however, that is the subject for another editorial.

John Kheit is an attorney. Please donit hold that against him. This work does not necessarily reflect the views and/or opinions of The Mac Observer or even John for that matter. No assertions of fact are being made, but rather the reader is simply asked to consider the possibilities.