iPass Releases OS X And Jaguar Compatible Broadband Wireless Services

iPass has released an upgrade for the self-titled app, bringing it to version 2.3. iPass is a wireless connectivity client designed for PDAs and other wireless devices. The latest version features support for OS X and Jaguar and features broadband connection. According to iPass:

Building upon its virtual network operator capabilities and experience in delivering enterprise connectivity services across multiple network technologies, iPass announced today it has upgraded capabilities for iPassConnect™ 2.3 for Mac OS X.

iPass believes that it is the first and only enterprise connectivity services provider to offer a client built for Apple Computer Mac OS X and Jaguar operating systems. iPassConnect 2.3 for Mac OS X, like its Windows-based counterpart, supports wireless and wired broadband venues on the iPass virtual network.

iPass has had a client available to Mac users for OS 9.2 and earlier. The Mac OS X versions allow Macintosh computer users to now capitalize on all the latest features of iPassConnect with all the benefits of Apple’s latest operating system including support for Mac OS X versions 10.2, 10.2.1 and 10.2.2.

You can find more information about the latest iPass release at the iPass Web site. Service pricing schemes available by contacting iPass directly.

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