iPhone 2.0.1 update: Two quick notes

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A couple of quick notes about today's release of an iPhone (and iPod touch) 2.0.1 bug-fix update:

Updating a jailbroken device. I applied the update to my jailbroken iPod touch. It updated the device without any glitches. The presence of the jailbreak software/firmware did not cause the update to fail. Nor did installing the update result in a bricked touch. I didn't even have to Restore the touch. The update just worked. The only problem (not surprisingly) is that all trace of the jailbreak software is now gone. I am back to a stock iPod touch.

Will the same Pwnage Tool jailbreak software that worked for 2.0 still work for 2.0.1? I doubt it, as it appeared to be firmware specific. But I cannot yet say for certain, as I haven't yet tried.

Will an update to the jailbreak software be released for 2.0.1? I am confident it will be. In the meantime, I will be monitoring the various iPhone jailbreak-related blogs to see what's happening.

Updates and backups. The update of my (not jailbroken) iPhone 3G also went well...except that the increasingly long time it takes to backup my iPhone is getting to be really irritating. When doing a sync, I can always choose to cancel the backup (the rest of the sync then proceeds as usual). With an update, however, there is no option to do this. So I just had to wait over 45 minutes for the backup to complete. Sheesh! I hope this is one of the "bugs" that is fixed in the 2.0.1 update.

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Tim Robertson

My iPhone took about five minutes to back up, which is one of the quickest backups ever, and it is starting to install the 2.0.1 update now. Keep your fingers crossed.

Vincent M

i updated to 2.0.1 and the backup is much faster and no problems with the update

Colin R.

My backup is also fairly quick - wasn’t this fixed with iTunes 7.7.1?


FYI..  2.01 supposedly does “fix” the “bug” 
I’m updating now and the backup is going on 90 minutes and it’s only halfway done. Ridiculous.

Partners in Grime

Seems to be working okay on my iPod touch.

Dirt Road

OK, here’s a stuuuuuupid question. I just got an iPod touch over the weekend. I know what the point is to jailbreaking an iPhone, but what does jailbreaking a touch do for you?

Rob A

I have an original iPhone working flawlessly on the recent 2.0 upgrade courtesy of pwnage 2.0.1.

Question if anyone can answer it is:

while my iphone is unlocked I nevertheless have been using one of the nominated carriers but not on a long contract, and am curious if the 2.0.1 iphone upgrade will brick my iPhone? iTunes actually did a carrier settings upgrade without a hiccup so what about 2.0.1?

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