iPhoto Gets Some Competiton: ePhoto, For Classic Mac OS

Looking to muscle in on Appleis Digital Hub, eVision released an app which it says matches and beats iPhoto in functionality, and it works in Mac OS 9 and Windows. The company is specifically bulling the product as "ePhoto: the iPhoto alternative." This from eVision:

eVision, a leader in visual search technology, today announced the world?s first cross platform software solution that enables digital photos and videos to be viewed, stored, shared and visually searched. The ePhoto application is a cross platform alternative to the Apple? iPhoto application, and is available for Mac? OS X, with Mac? OS 9 and Windows support to follow. In addition to the features available in iPhoto, ePhoto also adds the ability to import, store, display and manage video as well as still images. ePhoto will be available in Q2 2002 as a free download at http://www.evisionglobal.com/ephoto with up to 750 images per user, with a prosumer and professional version available later this year.

Now, not only can consumers view, store and share their favorite photos or videos, but they can visually search the images or video frames based on any combination of color, object, shape and texture.

?ePhoto surpasses the functionality of programs such as Apple?s iPhoto with the ability to visually search large collections of digital photos, and for the first time ever, digital videos,? said Dr. Mat Malladi, eVision co-founder and CEO. ?ePhoto provides consumers with an easy way to build personalized albums of fond memories of events like birthdays, vacations and anniversaries that are now visually searchable, eliminating the laborious task of scrolling through each image and video one by one.?

ePhoto Key Features:

  • Easy: 100% Java - runs on Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 and Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.
  • Fast: Millisecond ingestion and searching for digital images and videos
  • Accurate: Single-Click search; Customizable for advanced object/partial image search.
  • Flexible:
    • Enables search of digital images and video frames using keywords or with queries generated by digitally capturing, scanning, importing from a file, or painting a sketch on Query Pad? or using Visual Vocabulary? generated by ePhoto
    • Supports unlimited keywords and all basic photo editing functions
    • Handles large collections
    • Enables publishing (Internet or Apple?s iDisk), and Sharing photos and Videos

For more information stop by eVisionis website.