iPhoto Server From Memora

Memora has released an iPhoto edition of Memora Photo for the Mac. Memora Photo is a digital photo server designed to work with iPhoto. The app provides faster access to digital content and drag and drop functionality. According to Memora:

Memora, creators of Personal Server applications for broadband users, announced today the release of the new iPhoto edition of its popular Memora Photo application. The latest release blends iPhoto&Mac226;s power as a photo organizer with the ability to share pictures with friends and family directly from one&Mac226;s own hard drive without having to wait for lengthy uploads to remote sites, and without storage restrictions.

With the new Memora Photo, iPhoto users can select an entire album, or select different pictures within an album, and simply drag-and-drop to share them. Users can add a title and captions and then click on the Invite button to send an invitation to whomever they choose, directly from their own hard drive. With Memora Photo the user can turn their Mac into a true personal photo server.

You can find more information about the iPhoto edition of Memora Photo at the Memora Web site. The first 1,000 copies of Memora Photo are available free.