iPod Threatens Windows Domination of Copy-Protected CDs

The popularity of the iPod is putting pressure on the copy-protection business. CNet News reported yesterday that the most successful copy-protected CD to date, Contraband by Velvet Revolver, was the subject of many complaints from consumers who couldnit play music from the CD on their iPod. According to the article, those complaints, and the continuing success of the iPod, has pushed the labels away from Windows-centric technologies for copy-protection. From the article:

When a copy-protected CD hit No. 1 on the US music sales charts last month, it marked a breakthrough for the antipiracy technology in all but one sense: The music still wouldnit play on Appleis iPod.

Now the two companies responsible for most copy-protected CDs are scrambling to create new versions of their technologies that are compatible with Appleis popular digital music player. In the process, theyire both making substantial changes in the way CDs are digitally locked, changes that could ultimately be a setback to recent Microsoft strides into the music business.

"If you look at the 500 or 600 customer service comments weive gotten, you see that 80 percent of them have to do with iPod compatibility," said SunnComm International Chief Executive Officer Peter Jacobs, whose technology was loaded on last monthis chart-topping Velvet Revolver disc. "The rest are, iWhy canit I do what I want with my music.i And a lot of those are really iPod questions too."

There is much more information in the full article, including how a less-Windows centric future could be in the offing, and we recommend it as a good read.