iRecordMusic Updated With iCal Scheduling

Bitcartel has released an update for iRecordMusic, bringing it to version 1.2. iRecordMusic is a utility designed for recording streaming Internet radio programs and songs. The update features several enhancements including iCal recording scheduling and iTunes tagging. According to Bitcartel:

Bitcartel announces iRecordMusic 1.2, an update to, and a new name for RAW 1.1.

iRecordMusic enables you to record Internet audio as MP3 and MP4-AAC, supporting RealAudio, WinMedia, QuickTime and more. Schedule recordings with iCal. Record multiple sources, such as BBC, NPR, music videos, movie trailers, or news webcasts, at the same time. Recorded files are iPod compatible.

Whatis new in 1.2:

  • iCal scheduling redesigned, making it easy to create and share recording calendars
  • iTunes tagging and playlist integration
  • Naming of recording sessions by broadcaster, show and DJ
  • Added option to record as AIFF only
  • Improved progress tracking, with option to terminate encodings
  • Fixed a bug which caused some recordings to be at the wrong pitch
  • Fixed a bug which caused incompatibility with 3rd party sound cards
  • Other bug fixes and minor improvements

You can find more information about the iRecordMusic update at the Bitcartel Web site. iRecordMusic 1.2 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$20.00.