iTMS Prepaid Cards Available At Target [Updated]

[Update: TMO staff stopped by a local Target store to check out the new cards, and found an endcap display with brochures for iPod and iPod mini, the $15 iTMS cards, and a nice selection of iPod accessories. (No iTunes branded CD-Rs, though.) We also found that there were no iPods or iPod minis on display yet.

The Target salesclerk told us that the display went up at the start of the week, and that he hadnit "looked" at the iPod yet.

Another salesclerk told us that, according to an internal letter, Target will not sell the iPod mini until April 1, 2004. However, the larger iPods will still be available. We have not been able to confirm this. - Vern Seward]

Apple can be downright sneaky at times; the company will offer up something that is so potentially cool, and then hardly make any mention of it. For instance, when is the last time you saw a Mac OS X commercial on TV?

(Hint: You havenit.)

Another case and point: Did you know you can buy iTunes prepaid cards at your local Target?

Itis true! The same music cards you can buy directly from Apple is now available from Target. The retailing giant is stocking cards at a US$15 value, enough to buy 15 songs, or most albums, with change in your account left over.

iTunes Prepaid cards are now available at all Target stores, nationwide

Thereis no information on Appleis Web site other than a window on the iTunes Web page, and a card redemption page on the iTunes Music Store.