I Got 99 Macs, and a PC Ain't One

If you think your Quadra and that old Performa gathering dust make you a Mac collector, make way for Jeremy Mehrle, the owner of some 99...make it 100 Macs he has set up in his house. The Associated Press reported that Mr. Mehrle has most of them set up in his basement, including every iMac model sold, a Twentieth Anniversary Mac, and a bar made out of 30 Mac Classics.

Each of the Macs work, and when showing visitors his collection, they run classic screen savers, and can be synched to achieve a strobe-like effect. "I think itid make you more inclined to dance, even though I donit dance, I guess," he told the AP. "Iive never been to a rave, so Iim just basing that on Alias," he quipped.

Mr. Mehrle only recently became a Mac user after seeing a dome-based iMac G4, and itis been a rush to Mac fandom since. "As soon as I saw it, I was like, iI have to have this computeri. The design, the user interface, the way it worked made sense," he said.

While the collection includes a wall of what Mr. Mehrle considers to be iconic Macs - from the original Mac to the TAM -- he doesnit aspire to own every Mac model ever made. "If I did, that would be awesome, but my girlfriend would probably leave me," he said.

For her part, however, she enjoys the fact that he has a passion, and considers the large collection to be displayed well. Still, she noted that, "a computer is a functional thing. Itis not something you would ogle over the design."

The original article has a picture of Mr. Mehrleis display.