Iconfactory Releases iPulse 2.1.8

The Iconfactory released an update to its Mac OX X monitoring utility, iPulse version 2.1.8 on Thursday.

The new version "fixes several bugs including reporting process information, properly displaying network statistics when disconnecting from a VPN, and localization. In addition, in the "strange coincidence" department, iPulse now supports CPU reporting on Macs with up to 8 processors as well as Leopard," the announcement said.

iPulse 2

iPulse is designed to graphically display information about the inner workings of the Mac, on the desktop or in the dock. It is highly customizable so that the user can display only the items of interest. Monitored items include CPU activity, system load over time, betwork activity, battery and wireless signal srength, and disk usage.

The update is free to registered users. iPulse requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and is priced at US$12.95