iConnectMIDI: Connect MIDI Controller to iOS

| Macworld/iWorld Expo

SAN FRANCISCO - iConnectivity announced Thursday iConnectMIDI, a device that allows musicians and producers to connect their MIDI device to their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. The company claims that it is the first MIDI interface compatible with Apple’s CoreMIDI technology that was introduced in iOS 4.2 late in 2010.

The device features two mini USB ports, one standard USB host port, and two sets of I/O MIDI ports. While the projects will ship in February, we saw it being demonstrated with a variety of MIDI controllers (keyboards and pads), which were then used to play several iOS apps on iPhone and iPad, including synths and other iOS keyboard apps.

iConnectMIDI is also “very low latency” - in fact, we weren’t able to detect any latency in the demonstration at the company’s booth, but we’ve yet to test it independently. Behind the performance are what the company claimed are the best chips used to control the various bridges in the device, and that performance carries a price tag of US$179.99.

As mentioned above, the company expects to ship the device to retailers in February, with larger quantities shipping in March.

iConnectivity is showing at Kiosk 23 in Booth 246 at Macworld.


The front of the device features the USB ports and LED indicators for data


The back of

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Let’s hope Gerhard Lengeling has some free time on his hands, now that he’s done with the GarageBand refresh for iLife 11, and ports it to iOS. It doesn’t need to be a full-featured GB; no lessons are necessary, just the ability to make multi-track recordings. There is certainly plenty of hardware muscle to support that; after all, GarageBand in iLife 08 could run on G4 machines (800MHz and faster), with 512MB of RAM. Clearly, iPad is faster than that.


They claim less than 1 millisecond of latency, which is impressive! Measure it with an oscilloscope, I say! (Or other measuring device of your choice, but looking at the waveforms on a time axis would work fine I think.)

This device is expensive, but it solves an infuriating problem with the iPad/iPhone, which is that you can only connect one USB MIDI controller at a time!

(Now, if Akai could just tweak their SynthStation keyboards and add USB/MIDI *input* and merge capabilities…)


The iConnectivity booth was also showing SynthX, a nice and highly playable software synthesizer for the iPad.

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