IDEO Founder David Kelley Talks Apple & Steve Jobs on 60 Minutes

The designer who helped Apple create its first mouse, and assisted in the design of thousands of other tech products, recalled his experiences with Steve Jobs during a 60 Minutes interview Sunday. David Kelley, founder of design firm Hovey-Kelley (now called IDEO), worked with Apple on several products during the company’s early years, including mice, the Lisa, and laptop docking systems.

The wide-ranging interview discusses Mr. Kelley’s professional and personal relationships with Apple and Steve Jobs, including a 3:00 AM phone call from the late Apple CEO. “[Steve Jobs] made IDEO, because he was such a good client. We did our best work for him. We became friends… And he’d call me at 3:00 AM, and with no preamble, he’d just say ‘Hey, it’s Steve,’” the designer recalled.

The relationship between Mr. Jobs and Mr. Kelley continued throughout the former’s life and career. Mr. Jobs even personally delivered a new iPhone to Mr. Kelley in 2007, although activating the device was another matter:

The day after the iPhone was announced, he had one for me. You know, your own iPhone given to you by Steve Jobs the day after it comes out; it was a lovely feeling. So he decides to hook it up for me, he gets on the phone to AT&T and he's going to hook up my phone and it's not going well.

Eventually he pulls the 'I'm Steve Jobs' card, you know, he says to the guy 'I'm Steve Jobs.' I'm sure the guy on the other end says "yeah buddy, and I'm Napoleon," like get out of here. Yeah, but anyway he never did get it hooked up. No, not that day.

The full 13-minute interview is embedded below. Those interested only in the segments relating to Apple and Steve Jobs can jump to 2:55 and and 7:40.

[via MacRumors]