iFixit Teardown Pries Open Mac Pro’s Mysterious Fan Cap

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iFixit, not satisfied with it's original Mac Pro teardown, has pried open the "seemingly innocuous" fan cap only to find ... gold in/on the Wi-Fi antenna array.


iFixit writes: "Not sated by our initial findings, we decided to take a second look at the seemingly innocuous fan assembly that caps the new Mac Pro. Tucked beneath one of the few plastic parts in this marvel of machined computing, we found the AirPort card and its custom adapter board nestled within a gold antenna array."


Image credit: iFixit

In part II of the teardown process, a Nidec brushless DC motor was found with carefully filled waffle divots plus the standard AirPort card found in other Macs with added support for the 802.11ac protocol.

The original iFixit teardown of the Mac Pro found some interesting details, notably how easy it is to remove the outer casing with a simple lock switch. In addition, iFixit observed: "Amidst the usual processing power and cost comparison with a similar home-built desktop PC, these graphics cards (and a heck of a deal with AMD) may be the key to Apple finally undercutting homebrew systems on a pure power/cost basis."

Apple's new Mac Pro continues to surprise and amaze, and that will probably continue to drive demand to even greater heights.

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Our guess is that the antenna is simply gold plated.

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Lee Dronick

Not being an antennaologist, but does gold have properties that make it better for such purposes? I understand that it is better electricity conductor. In sockets and such Anyway, I doubt that there is a lot of money in that amount of gold.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Yes, it would be goldplated. Just 1 ounce of gold is over $1200 currently.


Me want, me want!  But me can’t justify the expense.

Paul Goodwin

The gold plating provides the best corrosion protection, and for very thin electrical parts, that’s important.

Paul Goodwin

And yeah, me want too.

Lee Dronick

Thank Paul

Dorkus Maximus

Why isn’t Oprah Winfrey giving out Mac Pros to all the TMO followers?

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