iFixit Dissects 27-inch iMac

Apple's new 27-inch iMac may be a thing of beauty, but that didn't stop iFixit from stripping one down to its frame to see what's inside.

Apple introduced the new 27-inch iMac on Tuesday. It includes an aluminum body, LED backlit display with at 16:9 aspect ratio, and lots of components packed tight inside. Other than the user-accessible memory slots on the bottom of the computer case, this doesn't look like an easy user-serviceable machine.

Image courtesy of iFixit.com

The Apple on the back is more than just a pretty logo. It's plastic, so that's where the AirPort antennas hide. The new iMac also sports amazingly big heat sinks for the processors and graphics chips. Without them, Apple would've been stuck using chips designed for laptops.

The teardown highlights how hard Apple's engineers work to fit an entire computer into a space that's barely big enough to hold a display. We recommend leaving yours in one piece unless you already know how to work on Apple's flat panel iMacs.