iFrogz Updates Cases for iPhone 4

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iFrogz announced the immediate availability of new versions of its case lineup on Tuesday designed for the iPhone 4. Updated versions of the Luxe, Luxe Lean, Luxe Transition, Treadz, Wrapz, SoftGloss, Fusion and Frosted Swerve are available now.

iFrogz Luxe

The Luxe, Luxe Lean, Luxe Transition, SoftGloss, Fusion and Frosted Swerve are hard cases. The Treadz and Wrapz are softer cases made from silicone. All include access to the iPhone’s Dock and audio ports, microphones and speakers, sensors, cameras, and buttons.

Pricing for iFrogz iPhone 4-compatible cases starts at US$14.99. They are currently available at Best Buy and AT&T locations.

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Dave Hamilton

I purchased one of the iFrogz Luxe cases at Best Buy on Saturday night. The selection was limited, but I was happy to find this case since it was the one I had regularly used on my 3G and 3GS.

Indeed, it’s the same case, and I’m happy to have it protecting my phone from drops, but I have to say that the squareness/brickness of the iPhone 4 that’s matched by this case makes it feel *really* blocky.

I realize all these cases were designed without actually having hands-on with iPhone 4, and now that vendors have the actual product in-hand I’m hoping to see some of them come up with cases that smooth it out and make it feel less like a brick in my pocket.

Constable Odo

It’s good that Steve Jobs said for people to go out and buy cases for their iPhones to alleviate the antenna reception glitch.  It’s helping the case accessory companies to make some money and users are helping themselves to protect their iPhone 4 investment.

The stupidity of some indignant commenters that Steve Jobs doesn’t have a right to tell them what to do is monumental.  It was only offered as a suggestion to help as a temporary fix before a software fix could be delivered.


I’ll have to go track these down & take a look. My 3G case only kinda fits. :^)


I bought the blue/purple version of this case and love it except for the fact that I have to remove it to take any flash photos as the LED picks up the color of the case and washes out the photos with a blue haze.  Other than that, no other issues. It feels good and I don’t seem to see the squareness/brickness(sic) of the phone like the previous poster.

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