iMovie 9.0.9 for Mac Improves Importing from iMovie for iOS

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iMovieApple released iMovie 9.0.9 for Mac on Tuesday. The update improves support for importing projects from iMovie for iOS. It also includes a bug fix and unspecified stability improvements.

Apple's patch notes in full:

What's New in Version 9.0.9

  • Addresses issues where iMovie does not recognize video cameras connected to your Mac
  • Improves compatibility with projects imported from iMovie for iOS
  • Includes stability improvements

You can download the update from Apple's KnowledgeBase entry for the update, but note that it's a 1.08GB download. It's also available through Software Update in the Mac App Store, where it's the same size.

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John Dingler, artist

Geez! My iMovie 9.0.4 is 440MB which is less than half the update size. The main increase must be from the improved import module or, God forbid, an indication of MS-style bloat or what? Hope not.

Bryan Chaffin

It’s definitely a big, big download.

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