Improving Address Book's Birthdays

Address Book includes a field for each contactis birthday that can also tie into iCal. But with a little help from Address Book Dates, you can make the birthday field even more useful.

Address Book Dates is a plug-in for Address Book that enhances the birthday field by adding age, zodiac and Chinese zodiac signs, and can take you to associated birthday dates in iCal. It also improves the anniversary field and any other custom date field you create by adding a Time since listing that shows how many years ago the event occurred.

Address Book lets you track birthdays, but not much else.

After installing the plug-in, just click and hold on any date field in Address Book to see a pop-up menu showing the extra birthday or event information.

Address Book Dates lets you see age, zodiac sign, and jump to dates in iCal.

Address Book Dates is free, and available for download at the Artsiness Web site.

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