inMarket Announces iBeacon Rollout in Selected Grocery Stores

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inMarket has announced the launch of the first multi-retailer Apple iBeacon platform with the first grocery marketing solution of its kind. Its "Mobile to Mortar" network utilizes Apple's iBeacon platform to augment the grocery shopping experience for consumers across the country beginning January 6.

Image Credit: inMarket

The launch of the the technology will be in about 150 grocery stores in Seattle, San Francisco and Cleveland -- with additional retailers and markets coming soon.

Todd Dipaola, CEO and co-founder of inMarket said, "We are thrilled to be making history by writing the first chapter of micro-location iBeacons helping shoppers' everyday lives. Besides Apple themselves, we are the first to take this groundbreaking technology out of beta tests and into consumers' lives throughout the heartland of the US."

According to the press release, "iBeacons are micro-location technology that use a low-energy Bluetooth signal to enable unique mobile app experiences with higher accuracy than GPS. As inMarket rolls out its iBeacon network, it will provide shoppers with a wide range of benefits -- like custom coupons, loyalty rewards, and grocery list reminders -- when it matters most: in store."

A video of the of the platform's capabilities has been provided.

A detailed and very readable explanation of how and why iBeacon appeals to retailers has been posted by Doug Thompson at More information about the Mobile to Mortar program is at the inMarket website.

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Lots of technologies get created and then are promoted by PR agencies, often in vain. But Apple's iBeacon seems to be catching on with retailers because it's low cost, easy to deploy and strikes a chord with how they want to reach out to customers with smartphones in hand.

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iBeacon is an awesome technology, a marketer’s dream come true.
I’ve written a white-paper about this technology, feel free to download it from:

Andy Cavallini

Doug Thompson

John - I was really delighted to see you mention my post in your article. Thank you so much for the mention.

It’s exciting times for retail and beyond - and it’s going to be really exciting to see what people do with iBeacon and related tech.

Google took a bet on NFC and lost - they won’t be left behind by Bluetooth LE because Android devices support it, but it’s amazing how rapidly Apple jumped ahead without even doing all that much to promote the technology other than to ‘own’ the “iBeacon” name without entirely specifying to what it applies!

Thanks for the great coverage.

John Martellaro

Doug Thompson: Your article was great.  I was pleased to link to it.

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