Innovative Text Input Technology Swype Comes to Android

Swype is coming to Android, and MobileCrunch has posted a video demonstrating a beta copy of the input-method in action. With Swype, users don't tap on keys, but rather swipe through the letters of the word they're wanting to type one continuous motion.

The software then interpolates that to determine what word you're typing, and if it's not sure, it presents a list of options. Tests between Swypers and iPhone typers have been showing up on the Internet showing the Swyper as being the faster input method.

Swype Inc.'s self-titled technology was developed by T9 predictive text inventor Cliff Kushler, and was first unveiled on Windows Mobile device Omnia II. The company recently announced a second round of funding from venture capital firms led by Nokia and Verizon, and is working on bringing the technology to other mobile platforms, including Android.

In many quarters, Swype is already being heralded as a killer app for any platform competing with Apple's iPhone. The Mac Observer contacted the company to inquire about plans for bringing the software to the iPhone, but we've not received a response as of yet.

MobileCrunch's demo of Swype's beta release for Android