Intel to Launch Cable TV Service at CES 2013

Intel is apparently planning on introducing its own virtual cable television service and set top box during CES in early January. Sources said company is jumping into the television market because Google failed to gain traction with its own Google TV based on Intel chips.

Intel ready to get into the TV service gameIntel ready to get into the TV service game

Intel's plans include a set top box coupled with a subscription service for viewers that want streaming video but aren't ready to completely drop cable television. The service will include streaming content along with traditional television channels.

Anonymous sources in the video industry familiar with Intel's plans told TechCrunch Intel was tired of "everyone doing a half-assed Google TV so it's going to do it themselves and do it right."

The chip maker will work deals on a city-by-city basis to work avoid licensing fights with media companies that don't want to split apart their service bundles. The plan will also help Intel get their service rolling without extended delays caused by nation-wide negotiations.

Apparently Intel will show off its new product during a CES event on January 7, which seems plausible since the annual trade show is often where companies unveil major announcements for the consumer electronics market.

Assuming reports of Intel's plans are correct, it will likely fuel speculation that Apple will unveil its own television at some point. The Mac, iPhone and iPad maker already sells its Apple TV set top video and music streaming device that connects to most HD TVs. Despite the Apple TV's versatility, analysts have been speculating for over a year that an Apple branded television is just around the corner.

Intel hasn't confirmed that it really is launching at set top box and companion service, but with CES only days away we'll likely get confirmation soon.