Intel Leaks Core i5 MacBook Pro Info

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Intel may have inadvertently let slip that Apple is planning to update its MacBook Pro lineup in January with Core i5 processors. The current MacBook Pro models use Intel's Core 2 Duo chips.

The info about the alleged MacBook Pro update, according to (translation), was included in an Intel Retail Edge program email offering two Intel Core i5-based MacBook Pros are prizes in product awareness contest.

If Apple is planning on releasing MacBook Pro models with Core i5 chips, users can expect to see substantial performance improvements compared to the current Core 2 Duo-based models without sacrificing battery life.

Apple is rumored to be planning a special media event for the end of January where it may be introducing a new tablet-based computer. If such an event does take place, the company could potentially roll out its MacBook Pro updates at the same time.

Apple hasn't confirmed that it is holding a special media event, that it is working on a tablet form factor computer, or that MacBook Pro updates are on the way.

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Jeff Gamet

The MacBook Pro is about due for a refresh, so Intel’s timing is about right, and the Core i5 would make for a nice upgrade in Apple’s laptops.


Suppose the January event is ONLY about a new MacBook Pro. No mention of a tablet.

I would expect to see some reporters literally fragment on the spot.



Whether true or not, this mistake by Intel will costs Apple a lot of money.  I wonder how Mr. Otellini will apologize to Mr. Jobs.


where are the core i7 laptops? NewEgg has a lenovo core i7 on sale for $999!

Looks good (except for the Windows 7 part, and the crappy screen etc.)

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